Our coaches specialize in helping our clients figure out how to achieve their goals, while maintaining steady and predictable success

You get personalized and realistic advice​ from experienced Dietitians and therapists

Our dietitians and therapists at Lifestyle medical MD are dedicated to providing their patients/clients with expert advice. Our advice should improve our patients’ overall health and lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide personalized and realistic advice. We strive to use our knowledge to provide individual needs that are practical to implement.

You benefit from professional support

Our Coaches understand your needs

Food and nutrition form a big part of our lives. Nutritional therapy and dieticians can help you treat and prevent many health-related conditions that come with being overweight or malnutrition.


The benefits of losing weight and having the right nutritional lifestyle are obvious. Some people have a hard time leading a healthy lifestyle, this is where we, as professional dietitians and therapists come in. With the right weight loss coach or therapist, your weight loss problems can be something of the past.


When there is no one to hold you accountable, it’s easy to give up or quit. A dietitian or therapist will keep you honest and focused on your health goals.


Our weight loss coaches are there to see your health from an outside perspective, keeping you from getting distracted and reminding you why you wanted to lose weight and be healthy in the first place.

Nutritional plans customized to your personal needs, taste,

No Crash diet can sustain your weight loss

Having the right diet with the perfect nutritional value is an important aspect of weight loss.  Our dietitians can provide you with a nutritional plan that lets you know exactly what to eat, how often you should eat, and how big your portions should be.


If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and followed a specific diet that didn’t work, you will naturally be suspicious of diet plans. The fact is, not every plan will work, you need qualified trained professionals that know what they are talking about to plan your meals.


Our dietitians can help you with the following :

Help you to better your health through sustainable habits.

Make sure you understand how portioning and ratios work.

You will be able to end the unhealthy crash dieting for good.


Our dietitians create nutritional plans customized to your personal needs, taste, and health goals.

Featured Courses

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Coaching Series

Guided training modules, for nutrition counseling clients


Lose weight: Burning calories made easy

Supportive therapy improves success rates

Our Coaches will help you cope and conquer stress

As humans, we often give up when we feel tired, stressed, bored, or frustrated. We are creatures of habit that find comfort in routine. If you are used to activities that promote an unhealthy lifestyle, it is normal that you will struggle emotionally. When you are in the process of changing these habits, you will feel frustrated.


When you go on a diet and restrict your food intake, it might feel like your survival mechanism is gone. This will leave you fighting food cravings and being overwhelmed by situations that made you turn to food in the first place. The fact is, no diet can help you manage this.


You will need supportive therapy to help you cope with stressful situations that normally lead you to consume food. You need to learn how to balance your food habits and new healthy lifestyle in stressful circumstances.


Don't fight the battle alone

You need help to handle difficult situations during your weight loss journey

At Lifestyle medical MD, we understand that it is not an easy route to take when you want a more sustainable way of living.  It can be a confusing and even frustrating process at first. That is why our dietitians and therapists want to make it easier for you by being there for you every step of the way.


The key to weight loss success is gaining the confidence to continue your healthy lifestyle on your own. A supportive therapist will be with you every step of the way. They will make sure you gain more healthy stress relief habits and be successful in your weight loss journey.


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